Dear Guest/Visitor:

Lotus Grill & Noodles' cuisine style is French-Vietnamese fusion style, specializing not only in Beef Noodle Soup or "Phở", grilled rice dishes and grilled vermicelli bowls but also in many other special dishes.  Lotus has many exciting dishes beyond Phở for all year round.  With a full menu from appetizers to lunch and dinner, you'll find something for everyone of all ages at all times.  You can choose from appetizers such as Crispy Spring rolls, Summer rolls, Fried chicken wings (Regular & Viet style), Salted Fried Tofu, Fried Calamari etc. People love our lunch specials since you'll get a reasonable price of an excellent lunch package for filling you up with delicious and healthy foods.  This is our quick and convenient way for office workers to enjoy their good lunches in less time.  You should try our hot seller "Spicy Beef Noodle Soup" (or "Bún Bò Huế") with our homemade saté sauce - amazingly hot & so delicious.  It is our customer's favorite for its hot spicy beef broth - a different style of noodle! 

Lotus Grill & Noodles also offers healthy meals like salads and grilled salads, chicken noodle soup, and vegetarian meals.  In the meantime, Lotus offers excellent & healthy stir-fried baby bok choy dishes and stir-fried Chinese broccoli dishes w/garlic (either vegetables only or with meats) and our favorite lemongrass & pepper dishes (tofu, pork, chicken, beef or seafood). We also offer an exciting dinner menu of well-known Viet cuisine such as Rices in Claypot (Pork, Chicken, Beef, Seafood),  Sweet Tamarind Chicken, Mango Chicken, Duck Corner, Steak Cubes or "Shaky Beef", Sizzling Beef, Fried Rice (Chicken, Beef, Combination, Seafood), Pan-fried Rice Noodle, Pan-fried Egg Noodle.  Especially, last but not least, do not forget to try our favorite no. 1 best seller Ice Coffee w/condensed milk "Café sữa đá" for strong coffee lover - you love it for sure - as well as exciting deserts as fried banana w/vanilla ice cream, mango mousse, chocolate cake w/ ice cream and green tea/jasmine tea, smoothies etc.  We have a full bar with lot of options for you to choose for your import beers (Singha, Chang, Sapporo Premium, Tsingtao, Heineken, Corona Extra, Modelo Especial ...), import wines, mixed drinks, liquors and fine V.S.O.P. French cognacs. 

Come in and have lunch/dine with us to enjoy a great dining experience of a fine dining Vietnamese restaurant with our friendly services while filling you up nicely with great foods & tasteful drinks and listening to nice & relax music in the background.  Great place for your lunch/business meetings, family gatherings and/or your birthday/anniversary/wedding party celebrations.   

Come and visit us today!  Cheers!

Lotus Grill & Noodles.