A8.  Fried Calamari (Mực chiên dòn) – 12 (* spicy)

A dish of crispy fried squids w/red & green pepper, white & green onions and jalapeno

A9.  D-Grilled Squids w/saté sauce (newest item - Mực nướng saté) -  12 (*** spicy)

A dish of grill squids w/our remarkable saté sauce on sliced salads & carrots  

LM5.  Lemongrass Seafood (Scallops, Shrimps & Squids) – 20

M3.  Seafood (Scallops, Shrimps & Squids) & Vegetables in CLAY POT- 18

M5. Mango Chicken - 15

Chicken stir-fried with mango, green and red pepper, white onions & snow peas

M7. Duck Corner – 18 (*** spicy)

Two duck thighs stir-fried w/soy sauce, red curry, broccoli, mushroom & basil served w/a steamed rice


   M9.  Steak Cubes (aka “Shaky Beef”) - Beef stir-fried and served w/onions, potatoes & vegetables - 18

M10. Sizzling Beef - stir-fried w/potatoes, white & green onions, ginger, mushroom, jalapeno-18 (*** spicy)

M11. Salted Fried Prawns on a Pineapple- 20 (* spicy)

Jumbo shrimps fried with light salt, red/green pepper, jalapeno & onions

M16.  Lotus Combination Skewers Wrap –  25

 A combination of 5 grilled skewers (pork, beef, chicken, scallop & shrimp) served w/vermicelli,

lettuce, mint, basil & rice papers on the side for your enjoyable wrapping, dipping w/our sauce